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What is Dragon Ball Super ?

What Is Dragon Ball Super

You’ve probably been hearing about it, and now you are curious to know. Lots of people are asking, “what is Dragon Ball Super?”

Dragon Ball Super simply refers to a Japanese manga series as well as anime TV series.

Akira Toriyama is attributed to drafting the entire plot outline. He is the creator of the franchise. Dragon Ball Super was created after Dragon Ball Manga TV series as well as the Dragon Ball Z TV series. This made it the first time that a new storyline was released in almost two decades.

About the Manga

Toyotarou is the manga’s illustrator while Toriyama is attributed with the story and editing.

About Dragon Ball Super Anime

Toei Animation carried out the production for the anime version. From 5th July 2015 up until 25th March 2018, the Dragon Ball Super Anime was aired on the very popular Fuji TV. Despite the fact that different screenwriters wrote the episodes, the anime series followed Akira Toriyama’s overall plot outline. By the time the series reached its 2018 finale in March, a total of 131 episodes had been aired.3

Release of Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super debuted on the Japanese scene on 5th July 2015. Toriyama, together with Toyotarou, handled the manga adaptation which was planned for a month V-Jump release. The opening theme was performed by Kazuya Yoshii. The ending theme was performed by Good Morning America, a Japan-based band.


If you are looking for answers to “what is Dragon Ball Super?” Here’s an overview.

The plot of the Dragon Ball Super series starts by showing what happens after the Majin Buu situation. It also goes on to do some retelling and alterations on the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods story as well as the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ story. Subsequently, the next part occurs in Universe 6. This time, the Dragon Team searches and tried to find the Super Dragon Balls.

The story

Dragon Ball Super anime has a story that begins 4 years from defeating Majin Buu. At this time, the Earth knows peace once more. Toriyama takes the credit for being the original creator. He is also attributed with coming up with the original story together with the concepts for designing the characters.

Dragon Ball Super is built around Goku’s adventures together with his friends a few years after the defeat of Majin Buu. Peace has not been restored to the Earth again. This time around, Goku comes in contact with beings that wield a lot more power. He also encounters a destructive deity with so much power but successfully defends the Earth. He goes on to attain god status and is guided by his universe’s gods to master his newfound powers. His adventures continue as he makes his way to different universes and fights even stronger opponents.

In 2018, we saw the release of a theatrical movie with the title Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Additionally, an ONA referred to as Super Dragon Ball Heroes which drew inspiration from events that occurred before the film, as well as the arcade game, began to be aired in July 2018.

What is Dragon ball super
What is Dragon Ball Super ?

The production

Akira Toriyama handled the general plot outline. The script was created by writers who did expansions additions and made changes to the original plan where appropriate. There were times when Toriyama had complaints with regards to quality.

Toyataro eventually went on to gain more control in overseeing the Dragon Ball Super with time. Some more additions were added and have made their way into the manga

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What is Dragon Ball Z ?

What is Dragon Ball Z ?

Many people may ask themselves, what is dragon ball z ? I’ve heard a lot about the show through word of mouth but have never seen it myself. Here is a breakdown for you from a fan. Dragon ball z is a Japanese anime show created in 1989 as a sequel to Dragon ball which was created a few years before. For those of you who were growing up when this show first aired I’m sure you will have no trouble recalling its popularity. I can still remember getting together with all my friends to watch toonami as soon as I arrived home from school each day.

As children, it gave us such a great escape from our daily lives, I will never forget the way it used to feel to be so naive, and to enjoy something as much as I didn this show, at that age. Now the show isn’t a short anime you can watch in a week, there are over 800 episodes between all the sagas stemming from dragon ball all the way to dragon ball super. There are also several movies that were created to accompany the story line of the actual series.

What’s it all about?

Dragon Ball Z begins five years after dragon ball where goku is now an adult instead of a child and has created a life of his own. He now even has a child with his wife chichi. Everything seems peaceful on Earth until a Sayain named Radditz appears. Not only is he extremely powerful compared to most in this era, he is also Goku’s brother. Years before, when Goku was an infant, he was sent on a capsule to earth. His mission was to help his people conquer the planet, but during his rough landing on earth, he suffered a brain injury and forgot his purpose.

This is what Radditz was here to remind Goku of, but so much had changed since Goku landed on Earth. Now he had something to fight for and wasn’t going to be giving up that easy. As you can imagine it was a very intense battle in which Goku even teamed up with one of his enemies, a namekian named Piccolo, to try to defeat this sayain.

After a long painful battle all seemed lost but due to an attack made by Gohan followed by Goku sacrificing his life to allow for Piccolos attack to penetrate Radditz the team was able to defeat this terrible threat. Goku is now dead but in the afterlife finds his way across a long serpent like road to a planet where king kai, the ruler of the North Galaxy, lives. Goku trains under King Kai for the next year learning the Kaeo Ken Technique and the spirit bomb. After his training he is revived with the dragon balls. The dragon balls are these ancient relics that when combined (there are 7 that must be found) you can summon a large dragon which will grant you a wish of the summoners choosing.

Who’s Vegeta?

Goku is revived in order to help defeat another threat to Earth, Vegeta (The prince of sayains) and Nappa. Vegeta and Goku become the most intense rivals beginning in this saga, leading you all the way till the end of dragon ball super where there relationship is one of the most important factors in the show to many. Goku is always just a tad bit stronger than Vegeta and it causes terrible animosity between the two. Vegeta is the prince of sayains and should be the most powerful, but somehow he just can’t keep up with Goku and it drives him insane. Due to this tension between them both Goku and Vegeta continue becoming more powerful to compete with each other. Sadly it almost never enough and the enemy that shows up next is just that much more powerful than the last. After many of Gokus comrades had already died he comes in and saves the day with an all out battle with Vegeta. They end up sparing Vegeta’s life at Goku’s request and they part ways.

Recovery Sucks!

Now the battle is over and Goku returns home to recover in the hospital. The team had overheard Vegeta talking about another set of dragon balls on a plant called Namek (Piccolos Home planet) so Gohan, Krillin and Bulma all depart for Namek in search of these dragon balls to bring back the friends they lost. Unfortunately they aren’t the only ones after these ancient relics. A fully healed Vegeta and his commander Frieza are both on this planet looking for the very same thing. The plot really intensifies through this Saga as the Ginyu force is introduced and so much happens to everyone on Goku’s side that it really needs to be seen to be appreciated. In the end they have to battle Frieza.

Here Goes Nothing…

Goku has healed and traveled in a training pod all the way to planet Namek. His training pod allowed him to train at 100’s of times the regular gravity amount allowing him to gain 100’s times the strength he could normally. After a long heated fight Goku just cannot keep up with Frieza. He could kill Goku with just a finger, but instead he decides to kill Goku’s best friend since childhood, Krillin, taking Goku to all new heights. Finally the Super Sayain is born and Goku reaches the power needed to destroy Frieza. Upon return to earth Goku meets a time traveler named Trunks. Turns out Trunks is Vegeta and Bulmas son from the future who has come to warn everyone that two androids would come followed by a terrible alien named Cell, which will cause the destruction of everything they know. The androids where super powerful, seemed as if they were more powerful than even Goku and Vegeta, yet Cell is still to come. In his initial state he is already more powerful than both the androids combined, yet he absorbs them both and becomes Perfect Cell. The alien is and interesting creature and holds a tournament deciding the fate of the earth. Goku loses to cell, sacrificing his own life again, only for his son Gohan to defeat cell reaching a new heightened level of super sayain level 2.

Still Not Done!

Seven years later Goku is revieved for one day to spend time with his wife and family. Sadly the reunion doesnt last long, as it never does for Goku, and they are all drawn into a fight by the supreme kai against a magical being called Majin Buu. After many battles, against many different forms of Majin Buu and the destruction and recreation of Earth, Goku finally defeats Majin Buu’s strongest form, Kid Buu using a spirit bomb with all the combined energy of all the beings in the universe.