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What is Dragon Ball Super ?

What Is Dragon Ball Super

You’ve probably been hearing about it, and now you are curious to know. Lots of people are asking, “what is Dragon Ball Super?”

Dragon Ball Super simply refers to a Japanese manga series as well as anime TV series.

Akira Toriyama is attributed to drafting the entire plot outline. He is the creator of the franchise. Dragon Ball Super was created after Dragon Ball Manga TV series as well as the Dragon Ball Z TV series. This made it the first time that a new storyline was released in almost two decades.

About the Manga

Toyotarou is the manga’s illustrator while Toriyama is attributed with the story and editing.

About Dragon Ball Super Anime

Toei Animation carried out the production for the anime version. From 5th July 2015 up until 25th March 2018, the Dragon Ball Super Anime was aired on the very popular Fuji TV. Despite the fact that different screenwriters wrote the episodes, the anime series followed Akira Toriyama’s overall plot outline. By the time the series reached its 2018 finale in March, a total of 131 episodes had been aired.3

Release of Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super debuted on the Japanese scene on 5th July 2015. Toriyama, together with Toyotarou, handled the manga adaptation which was planned for a month V-Jump release. The opening theme was performed by Kazuya Yoshii. The ending theme was performed by Good Morning America, a Japan-based band.


If you are looking for answers to “what is Dragon Ball Super?” Here’s an overview.

The plot of the Dragon Ball Super series starts by showing what happens after the Majin Buu situation. It also goes on to do some retelling and alterations on the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods story as well as the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ story. Subsequently, the next part occurs in Universe 6. This time, the Dragon Team searches and tried to find the Super Dragon Balls.

The story

Dragon Ball Super anime has a story that begins 4 years from defeating Majin Buu. At this time, the Earth knows peace once more. Toriyama takes the credit for being the original creator. He is also attributed with coming up with the original story together with the concepts for designing the characters.

Dragon Ball Super is built around Goku’s adventures together with his friends a few years after the defeat of Majin Buu. Peace has not been restored to the Earth again. This time around, Goku comes in contact with beings that wield a lot more power. He also encounters a destructive deity with so much power but successfully defends the Earth. He goes on to attain god status and is guided by his universe’s gods to master his newfound powers. His adventures continue as he makes his way to different universes and fights even stronger opponents.

In 2018, we saw the release of a theatrical movie with the title Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Additionally, an ONA referred to as Super Dragon Ball Heroes which drew inspiration from events that occurred before the film, as well as the arcade game, began to be aired in July 2018.

What is Dragon ball super
What is Dragon Ball Super ?

The production

Akira Toriyama handled the general plot outline. The script was created by writers who did expansions additions and made changes to the original plan where appropriate. There were times when Toriyama had complaints with regards to quality.

Toyataro eventually went on to gain more control in overseeing the Dragon Ball Super with time. Some more additions were added and have made their way into the manga

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